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Weddings are always a celebration of bliss and uniting of two souls. The efforts of two families to bring to individuals together to live a blossoming life finally ends up with the wedding rituals done. But do you ever wonder what all it took behind the successful happening of “Big Day”?

It all starts from the “Match making”, choosing the right partner is all where it begins from and seems to be toughest of all, but no more.

Elaborating the fact that the match making is no more a tedious task with the technology’s contribution to the industry. Shedding light on the before and after technology’s introduction in the Matrimonial industry can help you figure out the substantial contribution of technology in Matrimonial industry’s growth and development.

Panorama of Matrimonial Industry before hobnobbing with Technology

The matrimonial industry before associating with the technology had people dealing with the tedious tasks of finding the right partner through third-party, and the third-party “Match-making” services took a long time for the people to connect with the right partner.

Most of them belonged to the “Arranged marriage” category and thus things never seemed easy to find the right partner.

Panorama of Matrimonial Industry after hobnobbing with Technology

The industry experienced a drastic change and things seemed to be swift and facile after the introduction of Technology. The technology streamed out many ways for the individuals to find out the right partner for them and has ultimately evolved the matrimonial industry to the core.

Some of the most substantially contributing aspects that developed the matrimonial landscape are:

The online Matrimonial sites

The online matrimonial sites have proved to be of great help for the individuals to seek the perfect match in the easiest way. Online matrimony site is designed with the subject of providing convenience and are fuelling up a number of successful marriages.

They are time-efficient, economical, advanced security and user-friendly system. Over all, they make the easiest and simplest way to find the perfect match.

The Social Media Giants

The social media giants also have a great role to play in upscaling the matrimonial industry. The social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are providing individuals with a huge flux to communicate and interact with each other.

Today we have many successful marriages, where the social media platform played the interface in two people interacting, falling in love and finding the right partner in each other.

The Dating Apps

With technology’s evolution, we find the society upgrading with the broader mindset of letting individuals find their comfort zone and choose their partner on their own.

The dating apps are designed with a subject of letting people interact and know each other before going into an official relationship.

The stats say it all….

We have zillions of internet users browsing every day and almost everyone is found using social media platforms. Since social media is playing the "match" game in today's smart generation, we have some stats proving the individual's presence on many direct or indirect matchmaking means or sources.

In India, we got 38.5 million netizens and a ballpark figure of 48% of adults are registered with the matrimonial sites, around 51% are registered with the dating sites and almost 37% are involved in both.

Final thought

Today, we see the technology outsmarting and enhancing every traditional and technical stuff, and hence we see revolutions and enhancements all around the corner. Technology is changing every aspect's landscape like the matrimonial industry.

The matrimonial industry stands one among the renowned industries where technology and its development had a huge impact.

Technology has upscaled the matrimonial industry from every core and has possibly made the gamut of matrimonial stuff easy going for the individuals seeking perfect match.!!

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