Implement Reservation Bill in Parliament

Implement Reservation Bill in Parliament

Formality of celebrating International Women Day is fulfilled every year on March 8 but without any attitude-change towards women which though being 50-percent of population, get only a minute representation in law-making system. 

Many political parties cry for reservation on man-made aspects like religion and cast evidently for vote-bank politics,but oppose reservation to women which still remain dominated section of society created by nature in our male-dominated political system. Even Islamic world including Pakistan and many other democratic countries have adopted Women-Reservation in legislature.

Election Commission formula to make it compulsory for every political party to give at least 33-percent party-tickets to women may be immediately enforced as an interim measure, till Indian women get their legitimate right for 33-percent state-wise reservation in legislature. Moreover, to prevent wives or other relations being misused as proxy of male politicians, there should be a system whereby name or photo of husband or any other relation may not be permitted in election-campaigns of women candidates. 

At a time when women-quota in panchayats and local bodies is being increased to 50-percent from earlier 33-percent, it is meaningless to resist 33-percent reservation to women in legislature. Rather there should be uniform 33-perecent reservation for women at all stages from civic bodies to Parliament.

Madhu Agrawal, Delhi

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