Priyanka Gandhi will succeed

Priyanka Gandhi will succeed

It is most delightful to know that Priyanka Gandhi was appointed as Congress General Secretary (UP East) which will definitely be a boost among party activists. It’s quite and clear that today anti waves are blowing up country wide against BJP’s rule and Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modiji. Mr. Modiji has utterly failed in rendering good governance to the public. Still there are many of issues kept pending unresolved.

The issue of pensioners claiming pension under EPS’95 left unsettled, despite a just and fair Judgment given by the Supreme Court and the pensioners have been agitating upon it for the last two years.

All these denote the dictatorial administration of Modiji. The scheme of demonetisation and introduction of GST caused not only degrade of his reputation, but also hindrance among the public and even some had to lose their precious lives. It’s always to be observed that the publicity by BJP leaders that there was no contribution for the goodness of the country by the congress. No it’s not true. They have to realise the fact that for today’ development, they are chief factors and back bones. 

Indira’s nationalisation of banks and Nehruji’s socialism thinking, industrialisation development through his planned five years planning did good a lot to the country. And especially, the liberalisation of economy in India which was taken up by Rajivji achieved the balance and fast change with unparalleled stability.

These all show that what did do the congress for the growth and advancement of the country. It’s not true to say that Mr. Rahul is not immature leader as taking a frequent plea by BJP, today is a mature and improved leader and understood the problems of country well. 

In conclusion, I strongly hope and as rightly said by senior congress leader Raj Babbar, that the zeal and enthusiasm are high among the party workers and her entry into politics will certainly a boost to the party morale in view ahead of the Lok Sabha polls.                         

M Pradeep Kumar, Hyderabad


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