Mobile companies and tariff plans

Mobile companies and tariff plans

There is frequent downward revision in post-paid tariff-plans of mobile service-providers due to stiff competition by new-comer Jio. In recent past ever since Jio has entered as mobile service-provider, heavy reduction in post-paid tariff-plans by other mobile service-provider is quite common. But these mobile service-providers are looting unaware customers who by and large are unaware of such revised lower tariff-plans.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) should ensure that mobile service-providers may auto-revise post-paid tariff-plans in case of introduction of new reduced tariff-plans.

Also, it may be compulsory to inform post-paid customers by separate registered post about revised tariff-plans. Such communication must not be sent as enclosure to bills, because it is usual that customers do not care to read enclosures sent with the bills. Mobile service-providers should be directed to give newspaper-advertisements in largest circulated dailies about downward revision of post-paid tariffs.

Madhu Agarwal, Delhi

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