H.D. Kumaraswamy

H.D. Kumaraswamy

John F. Kennedy said: "Success has many fathers. Defeat is an orphan." On May 23, 2018 H.D. Kumaraswamy, with the support of the Congress was a successful leader and was sworn as the Chief Minister of Karnataka. To witness his swearing-in, Vidhana Soudha was flooded with a conglomeration of leaders from across the country of all the ginger groups, opposed to NDA and BJP.  It included Rahul, Naidu, Mamata, KCR, etc. 

Now he is a beleaguered man and soaked in murky politics. Mamata hosts the meeting of the opposition leaders in Kolkata.  She sits in strike at the Police Commissioner's Office, detesting his interrogation/arrest by the CBI in Sarada Chit Fund Group case. Chandrababu Naidu launched a protest at A.P. Guest House in Delhi. Rahul cannot spare time, to send an emissary to tame the disgruntled MLAs of his party in Karnataka. But makes his party's presence felt in Kolkata Conclave. 

On their own admission, by the leaders of the Opposition, Karnataka exercise was the beginning of a national coalition against the NDA and the BJP. It was the foundation on which the superstructure was expected to be constructed. The foundation is not only shaky,but started crumbling. Has Kumaraswamy become an 'orphan?'

K C Kalkura, Kurnool

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