Vote-on-Account fulfils electoral promises

Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao presented the VoteonAccount Budget of the Telangana State for the year 201920 on Friday in the State Asse
22 Feb 2019, 10:34 PM IST

Chauvinist Trump’s Nobel dreams

The US President, Donald Trump, is a clown of the first order This was proved once again when he announced at a recent news conference to de
22 Feb 2019, 01:15 AM IST

Invisibility of gender in Indian agriculture

Over 40,000 farmers had gathered in Delhi from across India on November 20, 2018 Fortyyearold Chandravati from Ghazipur district, Uttar Prad
22 Feb 2019, 01:08 AM IST

The need for perpetual policy on counterterrorism

At this moment, there is no doubt that the blood of every true Indian is boiling after the recent terrorist attack On February 14, a convoy
21 Feb 2019, 10:44 PM IST

Democracy in the dumps

Many complained that the Telangana state was voted into existence after a black out in the Parliament Looking back, it is a metaphor for the
21 Feb 2019, 10:34 PM IST


The rise and fall of NTR: A Communist perspective

NTRs biography is being brought out as a big volume of a book of 636 annals by Chandrahas and Laxminarayana jointly in English While I started reading, I got a doubt whether am I a
15 Feb 2019, 11:33 PM IST

Why Grand Survival Alliance is a bad idea

Indian politics is at a very interesting phase Power cycles are common in multiparty democracies, and political parties wait patiently for their turn to get elected to rule They do
15 Feb 2019, 03:11 AM IST

The marvellous scientific bestowals of Galileo

Shattering many unsubstantiated beliefs into pieces, the 16th and 17th centuries have unparalleled the scientific way of learning, which was associated with many inventions and dis
14 Feb 2019, 11:37 PM IST

Whose free speech matters? Corporates or individuals?

Several journalists are fearing that the case filed by Shashi Tharoor against Arnab Goswami and Republic TV will set a precedent for attacks against free speech
14 Feb 2019, 11:28 PM IST

Lok Sabha’s productivity in BJP rule much better than UPA II

The term of the 16th Lok Sabha is coming to an end Contrary to popular perception due to constant disruptions of proceedings, the productivity of the Lok Sabha during BJP rule was
14 Feb 2019, 12:39 AM IST

National security, victim of global geopolitics and corporate rivalry

The ongoing debate on the purchase of 36 Rafale aircraft has implications beyond the political slugfest between the Congress and BJP A much bigger collateral damage has been securi
14 Feb 2019, 12:33 AM IST

A systematic approach to training sarpanches and upa-sarpanches

A fiveday Foundation Training Programme has been designed to introduce the newly elected Sarpanches and UpaSarpanches as well as Village Panchayat Secretaries to the manifold dutie
13 Feb 2019, 02:09 AM IST

Long after the British have departed India remains a work in progress

Seven decades ago a question was posed by BR Ambedkar in the closing debates of the Constituent Assembly How long shall we continue to live a life of contradictions where, in polit
12 Feb 2019, 11:54 PM IST

Kashmir parties bat for simultaneous LS, Assembly polls

Barring the Bharatiya Janata Party BJP, every other political player seems to want simultaneous Assembly and Lok Sabha elections in Jammu and Kashmir Regional parties like the Nati
12 Feb 2019, 11:50 PM IST

AP Budget unrealistic

It is now customary for all finance ministers to come for the presentation of budgets carrying a briefcase which is supposed to contain the secret budgetary proposals The same will
12 Feb 2019, 11:47 PM IST

Unchecked use of memes could disturb India’s social fabric

With the number of smartphone users steadily growing and data packs getting dramatically cheaper in India, the meme culture on social media platforms seems to be losing its harmles
12 Feb 2019, 01:46 AM IST

US, Russia plot different futures for Afghanistan

Two parallel peace processes on Afghanistan are underway In Doha, Zalmay Khalilzad, US Special Representative for Afghanistan, has held extensive round of talks with Taliban leader
12 Feb 2019, 01:42 AM IST

Rahul’s minimum income guarantee similar to garibi hatao, not feasible

Terming Congress President Rahul Gandhis promise of a minimum income guarantee to poor unimplementable, NITI Aayog Vice Chairman Rajiv Kumar says it is similar in nature to former
11 Feb 2019, 05:12 AM IST

Can UGC address challenges to Open Distance Learning?

Considering the significant role played by Open and Distance Learning ODL in increasing access to higher education in India, the Indian government last year announced it would reco
11 Feb 2019, 02:15 AM IST

A whiff of 1979 Assam movement

Students movements are synonymous with Assam Indias northeastern state witnessed the worlds longest such movement between 1979 and 1985 when lakh of students took to the streets se
10 Feb 2019, 02:25 AM IST

Lead in spices, herbal remedies highly injurious

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention has found that in North Carolina, 61 children of Asian descent specifically, Indians, Pakistanis and Afghans have elevated blood le
10 Feb 2019, 02:20 AM IST

Time to refocus on the basics

With 2019 underway, it would serve us well to look at some of the most pressing needs of Indian infrastructure Trends in global capital markets and the needs of Indian infrastructu
10 Feb 2019, 02:15 AM IST

MeTooIndia’s moment of reckoning

The MeTooIndia movement that witnessed a second wave in September 2018 has been an emotionally charged and turbulent time for many survivors of sexual harassment at workplace It al
09 Feb 2019, 01:46 AM IST

Positive disruption for organisational transformation

All change is for good However, if change is not backed with precision knowledge, clarity of consequences and objectivity, it can drive negative outcomes Change is the only constan
08 Feb 2019, 03:02 AM IST

Urgent need to replace ageing aircraft

No sooner the Mirage2000 fighter aircraft crashed on February 01, 2019 the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited HAL has started facing the bank of accountability cloud The two pilots, Squ
07 Feb 2019, 11:52 PM IST